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4 Type of Women You Should Not Date As A Man

Today, I would like to tell you guys the type of women you shouldn’t date or even think of marriage with, though choices and opinions differs.  You would still not want to associate yourself with them if you are a good guy. These women all have the tendency to drain you down as a guy. Below are the kind of women you shouldn’t date.

The 4 Type of Women You Should Not Date

1. Girls that dress provocatively: Guys definitely don’t want to date a girl that shows all or part of her body to the world tagging it Fashion, it a fashion world, alright, but you should not let it define who you become, how can you as a guy take such women home to your parents or relatives, dressing alone describes who you are, women who dress sexually would always make you feel uncomfortable in public as a guy.

Type of Women You Should Not Date

2. Girls that smoke or drink: Wait a minute dude, how would you feel having a woman that smoke and drinks as a partner, I call this type of women ‘Slow life takers’ mingling with such Girls have a huge tendency of you joining there clique (if you are not a smoker), even if you do smoke and drink would you still allow your wife-to-be to also smoke and drink with you?, think about it.

3. Party Animals: I don’t have to say much on this, imagine jumping from one party gig to another, such girls are known to carry this wild life into their marriage home, except you want to act a role on changing them (Good luck with that) just dissociate yourself with such women they would not impact any positive values in your life.

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4. Pretentious girlfriends: It is very easy to spot a pretentious girl, who pretend a lot in your presence; their phones are always on silent, when talking on phone in your presence, they are always talking to one uncle, one aunty, one neighbour all the time, they are too social they know practically everybody around. This type of girls are potential heartbreakers.

The list is endless as to the type of women you should not date as a guy but I would stop here for now, if you feel I did not include what you are expecting you can say it in the comment box let debate on it.

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