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For Ladies: 5 Simple Rules On What To Wear On A First Date

First dates can be terrifying, but planning your outfit doesn’t have to be.

what to wear on a first date

Follow these 5 simple rules on how to dress for your next date, and next thing you know you’ll be planning your wedding. Maybe. At the very least you’ll figure out the formula on how to look amazing, maintain your personal style, and be comfortable. No matter what, just always remember to K.I.S.S.: keep it simple, stupid.

1. Avoid trends, but stick to your personal style

A first date is not the time to experiment with the latest trends, but trust your gut if you want to. You probably want to wait a minute before you bust out in a full runway lewk, but if this date eventually blooms into a relationship, it should be clear that you wear what you want because you want to.

Don’t dumb down your style for a stranger, but simplify your favorite silhouettes. For the off-the-shoulder top, we suggest the style that has detached arm sleeves, not the elasticized neckline. The silhouette is notorious for popping up toward your collar, and you don’t want constantly readjust it throughout the date.

2. Comfort Is Key

My rule of thumb is that most first dates do not require a heel (it’s also easier to gauge your height differences in flats). If you feel uncomfortable wearing an outfit in your own home, chances are you’ll be tugging at your clothes all night long. A pair of platform espadrilles are perfectly acceptable, especially if the date’s activities are a mystery and you end up on your feet for hours at length.

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3. Be sexy, but don’t give it all away

You don’t want to step into a jazz club va-va-vooming like Jessica Rabbit on a first date, but you don’t have to dress like a prude either. Toe the line between sexy and boring in a slip dress, but tone it down with casual accessories. Wear a pair of statement earrings to add some interest to your outfit, and they can be a talking point if conversation dies down.

4. Don’t overthink it

Much like life itself, you don’t want to overthink it and complicate your outfit with un-necessities. You can even go straight to your date from the office in this outfit—just leave your jacket at the office. The elevated details on the simplest of work wear—a tank and a black skirt—is just the ticket to go from the board room to happy hour.

5. When in doubt, wear your favourite things

If you can’t decide what to pick, just wear your absolute favorite items. You’ll feel more confident in something you already know and love, and right now we’re loving Aussie brand Réalisation Par. Their flirty dresses are our new summer go-to, and your next first date frock.

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