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7 Best Ways To Create Emotional Intimacy In Your Marriage

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I will be discussing how to create emotional intimacy for your marriage.
How do you want to behave towards your partner? Most people treat their partner without any conscious thoughts about their attitude towards their significant other or the relationship as a whole.

If we are not careful, we probably just copy the relationship our parents had, or we try and emulate couples’ behavior in movies, series and novels.

Decide consciously: what kind of relationship do you want to be in? What kind of partner do you decide to be?

What makes your partner happy? Are you happy when your partner is happy? If you aren’t, that could require some serious thought and to create emotional intimacy you need to connect with your partner in an emotional way so some ways for you to create emotional intimacy for your marriage are:

• Spend downtime together without expectations in order to learn about each other. What does she do in her downtime? Read books, watch particular movies?

What are the little preferences that go along with these? For example, how hot does she like her curry? How does he drink his coffee? Learn the little extras about each other… recognize the nuances.

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• Spend time cuddling. Just “being” with each other and developing an invisible trust. You know it’s there even when you don’t see it. Just being together on lazy days can help build emotional intimacy.

• Connect with each other, relax together and trust each other. Learning someone’s intimate feelings is a process that builds the closer you feel to each other. The more emotional intimacy you can show each other, the more e.i. you will want to have.

• Fall asleep together. Caress each other, be gentle and move forward with you’re partner in a very non-judgmental way…learn to be more vulnerable to make room for your partner.

• Hug each other and touch each other in playful and trusting ways, get used to touch. Let your guard down, And don’t force it. Emotional intimacy organically grows in a relationship when there is enough space, but not too much space.

• Consider your partner’s feelings and disclose little by little about each other.

• Find cozy activities to do together. Play checkers or chess in bed…just relax and feel.

Feel free to add more to this list using the comment box below…

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