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Must Read – 10 Things Men Find Unattractive in Women

I have been on several dates while learning social psychology – and I’ve learned to quickly make judgment calls about women’s attractiveness. There are some things men find unattractive in women which I’m about to reveal to you now. Let’s take for instance if you are talking to someone, no matter how physically, mentally or emotionally attractive they are, and you point something out they simply cannot or choose not to take in and give serious thought, even for just a moment, hope is lost.

What makes a friendship or relationship more than sustainable, but prosperous, is a shared ability to self-reflect.

So if you feel a certain way and you share that with another person, and they immediately dismiss your feelings through incapacity of self-reflection, then you will feel at loss. Similarly, if you were to do the same, they would feel justifiably misunderstood, unheard, and devalued.

10 Things Men Find Unattractive in Women

Here are the things that men find unattractive in women

1.  Entitlement

Basically girls who think that they deserve nice things and don’t believe that some things are just to be earned. It makes sense why this would be unattractive, maybe our brain is wired to find a mate who would stick by us through thick and thin–– and in this case, acting like a special snowflake most of the time is an indicator that they may very much be unreliable.

2.  Lack of willingness to learn

That is close-mindedness. They tend to not develop any curiosity towards anything they’re unfamiliar with. They’re not ready to learn new thing due to pretense or high self esteem.

3.  Hygiene

I can’t believe I have to mention this – but if you smell bad enough that men can sense it from the other side of the table – They’ll excuse you and run away. It’s always good for a lady to smell nice. This will help you a lot.

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4. Flirt 

Flirting is fun, but if you’re manipulative, vague on purpose, and like to see others squirm – you’re just not a very nice person. No responsible man would like to get married to a lady who flirt, no matter how beautiful or good you are. It’s your responsibility to conduct yourself so as to get the right person in your life. All men would flirt with you, but non would like to have you as a wife because they’ll assume you’re just so cheap to be carried away by other men.

5. Competing with other girls or women 

This could be due to a lack of personal goals, as there are girls who have not done enough self-reflecting, assessment, or evaluation of her talents or interests. For some ladies, being able to purchase the latest outfits or dating a man with looks or considerable social or financial status become “trophies” to be won.

6. Being materialistic and seeking only luxury as a privilege 

No man ever likes a woman who’s being materialistic because when they seems not to get enough of what they were getting at the onset, they seems to look up to other guys.

7. Selfishness and taking men in their lives for granted 

The girls of nowadays are just being selfish. Most of them look down on men that comes around them; take them for granted like they don’t worth their standard or whatever. Most girls double date due to selfishness; because they want to earn one thing or the other from different men. It is never a good idea to be selfish. I think I’ve been into such relationship before; immediately I discovered this act from the girl, I just cut off the friendship because she doesn’t worth my time.

8. Generalizing men and putting all of them under one category 

This is a common character most women posses. It only takes a matured mind to understand this. Most women always uses the popular slogan which says “All men are the same”, but I’m here to correct that impression that it’s not true because among the men, there are some who are good while some are bad vise versa to the women.

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9. Playing hard to get 

This might work on an insecure man who has no options, but not on a high self worth confident man who has options. Waits far too long to show interest back and expects a chase. I would have already moved on. I’s fine. It’s just one more woman I am thankful to avoid investing more time with.

10. Lack of ambition 

A women full of drive and energy is just amazing to behold. If she knows what she wants from life and is out there getting it she is amazing in my eyes. Many men are afraid of a successful woman for whatever reason but for me that is super attractive. It indicates a person who is self-sufficient and confident in their own being.

These are honestly most of the things men find unattractive in women but sometime, men also have their own share from it. They’re just some very poor qualities that turn me off.

Thankfully the world is still full of so many wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, and motivated women, whom posses none of these particularly unattractive qualities.

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