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10 Pieces Of Crucial Love Advice From Couples Therapists

advice from couples therapists

A couples therapists job is to listen attentively to the challenges, fustrations and problems brought to their desk by couples who probably want to divorce themselves. Sometimes, that requires some tough to do love advice from these couples therapists which will ease things up if put into proper consideration by …

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4 Steps To Getting A Good And Effective Couples Therapist For Your Marriage Counselling

couples therapist

Do you know how to choose a good and effective Couples Therapist as your Marriage Counselor? Knowing how to pick could mean the difference between staying happily married, and staying together at all…. Learn what to look for. Seeking help for marital problems is always a decision point. How to …

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7 Signs Why You Should Not Marry Her

7 reasons why you should not marry her

Over the years, experienced couples have been working with married couples and researching the factors that make a marriage work, we’ve discovered that one of the best ways to have a strong marriage is to make the right decisions BEFORE you say “I do.” Recently, I wrote a article that …

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9 Steps To Rebuilding Trust In Marriage

9 steps to rebuilding trust in marriage

Almost every marriage has encountered difficulties over broken trust. I would even argue that most difficulties in marriage stem directly from a breach of trust. Strong marriages require strong trust, so here are nine key ways to rebuild it once it has been damaged. The 9 keys to rebuilding trust …

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Must Read: 4 Ways To Stop Arguing With Your Spouse

4 ways to stop arguing with your spouse

John and Jan (real people but not their real names) are some friends of ours who started out as a happy couple, but over the years they fell in to a rut. Their laughter started fading and their words to one another went from kind and compassionate to harsh and …

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7 Keys To Being A Good Spouse And A Good Parent At The Same Time


One of the most common questions couple are asked in person and online (and one of the biggest questions they struggle with in their own marriage) is, “How do we balance being a good spouse AND a good parent?” That’s a great question, isn’t it? It has HUGE implications, because …

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7 Best Ways To Create Emotional Intimacy In Your Marriage

I will be discussing how to create emotional intimacy for your marriage. How do you want to behave towards your partner? Most people treat their partner without any conscious thoughts about their attitude towards their significant other or the relationship as a whole. If we are not careful, we probably …

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