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8 Types Of People You Should Avoid When You Are Looking For Love

looking for love

The moral of this writeup on looking for love is to not settle for second best – or whoever happens to walk through the door. You deserve the best – so hold out for someone worthy of your love, who is also on the same page relationship-wise. If you are …

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See 5 Honest Reasons Why Women Like Bad Boys

5 honest reason women like Bad boys

Most girls i know have openly made a willingness of dating nice, good guys but end up dating the bad boys and they feel okay along the way. Meanwhile some other girls are hellbent on dating a bad guy. Here are some reason women prefer bad boys to nice guys. 1. …

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4 Type of Women You Should Not Date As A Man

Type of Women You Should Not Date

Today, I would like to tell you guys the type of women you shouldn’t date or even think of marriage with, though choices and opinions differs.  You would still not want to associate yourself with them if you are a good guy. These women all have the tendency to drain …

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See Some Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date for Fun

See Some Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date for Fun

There are so many people in relationships with others but well knowing that they don’t belong together, they will never be husband and wife or mummy and daddy at any one moment. But they are locked in there. They have always seen warning signs for them to quit but they …

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