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The 10 Most Romantic Things To Say To Your Girl

The 10 Most Romantic Things to Say to your Girl

These quotes are listed on various romantic top 10 lists of things to say to a girl. Adjust the romantic lines according to how long and how serious your relationship is at that moment in time. Obviously, saying, “I love you,” is romantic, but only when your relationship has reached …

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6 Things You Need To Know Before Moving Into A Relationship

6 things you need to know before moving into a relationship

If you are looking to enter into a relationship with the hopes of making it last as long as possible, then there are a few traits you need to imbibe. Here are six things you need to know before moving into a relationship. 1. Compromise: A relationship is between two …

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How To Make A Woman Feel Better When She’s On Her Period

how to make a woman feel better while she's on her period

Sometimes men have a hard time understanding what a woman goes through during her “time of the month”, and therefore do not know what to do to help her. Being a reasonable, considerate person all the time ought to be everyone’s goal. If you want to give a woman or …

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7 Dating Tips For Relationships

7 dating tips for relationships

When in a relationship, misunderstandings are bound to occur because no one is perfect. Breaking up is not the best solution rather sorting out your problems is the best. However, for the smooth running and sustainability of a relationship, here are 7 dating tips that will help you build and …

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Signs That Show He’s Definitely In Love With You

signs that shows he's definitely in love with you

Most times, it takes a careful observation to find out if your partner truly loves you Men are not so straight forward with their feelings and women wants a sure shot way of knowing when a man loves them. Some signs of true love are subtle. It sometimes takes a …

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How to Make Love to a Woman – Step by Step Guide

How to Make Love to a Woman - Step by Step Guide

When you make love (with an adult human being) selflessly and if done properly it will be the most mind blowing love act you will ever get. If when making love your intention is to satisfy the both parties will come out well endowed, but if everyone is out to …

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See 5 Signs to Show He’s About to Say I Love You!!!

5 Signs to Show He's About to Say I Love You

It is hard to say these three phrases “I love you” which are basic. Like a feeling then it develops to assurance, then to panic about how and when to say it, and if the lady may have the same feelings. Even if your guy features a hint that you …

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Must Read – 10 Things Men Find Unattractive in Women

10 Things Men Find Unattractive in Women

I have been on several dates while learning social psychology – and I’ve learned to quickly make judgment calls about women’s attractiveness. There are some things men find unattractive in women which I’m about to reveal to you now. Let’s take for instance if you are talking to someone, no …

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10 Ingredients to Stew up Your Relationship for Mature Ladies

10 ingredients to stew up your relationship for mature ladies

Every girls heart wish is to be his number one woman. If you can be able to show any of these specific actions about to be revealed below you would definitely prompt any Man to profess his undying Love for you, in other words, makes you an eligible girlfriend material. …

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