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Relationship Advice For Men: 5 Reasons Why Women Leave You

All men needs women around them and that’s the reason as a man, you need a good relationship advice so that you’ll be able to keep your woman a way from the preying eyes. Women need men who they can rely on no matter the situation they find themselves, the man will always be the shoulder for them to lean on. But if you don’t act as the man you are, your woman will probably get someone else who do.

At a time, you keep wondering what’s happening with you that whenever you’re in a relationship, the relationship don’t last due to one reason or the other. As the case might be, you feel it’s because you are not rich or handsome enough. But that isn’t the problem and I want to tell you today those things you’re lacking which might take you time to realize. Because of this problem, I took my time to write on the relationship advice for men who wants to step up their game which you’ll be reading below.

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Top 5 Relationship Advice for Men Who Wants to Step Up Their Games

1.  Be Romantic: There is nothing as good as romance in any relationship you could ever think about. Women like it when their man is always around them, romantic and emotional. As a man, it’s always nice to make your woman feel your impart whenever you’re around her. Always play with her, kiss her on her forehead in public and also hold her while walking around. These little things you do to her will make her always want you around her because she feel amazed and more important whenever you’re with her.

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2. Be proud of her: One killer secret of every woman is when you praise them. Women like praises and pride so much. They like it when their man acknowledge them on whatever they do, taking them out for shopping or eatery centre also make them feel special among their friends. No woman like a man that doesn’t admire or praise her, they feel odd if you don’t do that after which they have no choice than to leave you for other suitors who does anything to please them.

3. Don’t be predictable: This is a big problem most men have in their relationship but never realize that it’s a way of loosing a relationship. As a man, don’t be so vulnerable to your woman that she could predict your next action. Women like men who are unpredictable and delivers spontaneous movements throughout the period of their relationship.

4. Listen to her: Women are attention seekers and they like it when you listen or pay attention to every bit of words they alter from they mouths. As a man, you should always pay attention to your woman, listen carefully to every bit of words that comes out from her mouth either good or bad. Then listen with the intent to understand and not to reply because you might reply them with the words they’re not expecting from you. Know that women easily get flaired up and could do anything stupid whenever they are angry because they don’t think twice before taking an action.

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5. Avoid been too far from her: Your physical presence matters a lot to your woman. Women loves men who are always present by their side. Even if you’re into a long distance relationship, it’s always good you make out time to see her because she will always need you around her. Your presence could also help reduce the numbers of suitors after her and then the competition would be less.

Having read this post so far, if you have any question or other relationship advice for men you think would make you keep a woman, kindly share with us here and also remember to share this post with your friends using the social media buttons below.

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