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See Some Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date for Fun

See Some Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date for Fun

There are so many people in relationships with others but well knowing that they don’t belong together, they will never be husband and wife or mummy and daddy at any one moment.

But they are locked in there. They have always seen warning signs for them to quit but they always ignore them. They are in denial. They are enjoying the benefits in those relationships and they think they are on the winning side of the game.

But little do they know that they are also wasting their precious time and energy. They are limiting their chances to better and serious people. And they are digging their own graves. In the end they will be the people regretting for their wasted time.

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They will be the one blaming this world to be unfair. They will be judging others how they have no love and they will be calling them ugly names. If you are among these kind of people, I come to tell you today on LoversTips that please get out of the circle.

You are a precious person to be careless with your life and future, you are a beautiful (handsome), young and strong person to become someone’s side dish and you have a very beautiful heart to be stomped on like that.

You need to stop wasting your time on people you well know that you will never be together no matter what. You need not to force your heart where its not welcomed and valued. You need to know your worth and fix yourself where you belong.

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Don’t wait for the right time to make the final decision, the right time will never come. It’s now that you have to make a difference in your life. Think about it and act accordingly to save your life and time. Be open to your partner, talk about the future and decide if you’re meant to be or not.

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