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See 5 Honest Reasons Why Women Like Bad Boys

Most girls i know have openly made a willingness of dating nice, good guys but end up dating the bad boys and they feel okay along the way. Meanwhile some other girls are hellbent on dating a bad guy. Here are some reason women prefer bad boys to nice guys.

1. Bad boys are quite handful in bed: Hey, these are not my words oh, in fact it the exact words a lady friend disclosed to me, after I asked her what are her views on bad boys and that was the first thing she blurted out, though it sounds strange but it close to the truth, bad boys act with the aura of confidence that they can handle any thing that comes their way, especially on bed matters, they act dominant and most women just love it so.

5 honest reason women like Bad boys

2. A nice guy not so real personality: Some women have attributed there broken relationships to “He is too nice”, ” his personality looks unreal” all these are words I’ve heard a couple of times from various women, they feel “Bad boys keep it real and lovely” I wonder where most women come up with that hypotheses.

3. Boring: Nice guys are undoubtedly the good guys but this type of guys presumably lives a boring, predictable and a no excitement kind of life, no woman wants that. You can definitely predict what a nice guy is doing at a particular time. Bad boys are not like that they make minute decisions and to them anything can go.

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4. Nice guys always want commitment: Some women would stick to a bad boy any day, anytime because they usually are no London term commitment and not much is expected from them in such relationships, this kind of women are the ones who are afraid on Intimacy.

5. Bad boys are hot and strong physically: Okay show me a bad boy who is not hot or even try to look good always, the percentage is running low, bad boys care a lot about there physically appearance unlike the nice guys, they are also known to be strong physically and most women wants a guy they can lean on who they feel can stand up and defend them always. From time in memorial The menfolk have been know to always protect their women.

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