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5 Reasons Why Breakups Happen Even After Being Together for Years

Breakups do happen and nothing to do with years being spent together. When the relationship lasts for years, people get to meet lot of people, visit places, change work places and many transitions. During this journey, at one point the other person may find someone who’s a good companion and now they expect the same from their partner as well which lands in trouble and leads to Cheating. Now they’ll have multiple options to choose and then goes for the best in which he/she is more happier.

No couple/lovers can live sitting together whole life in a room. If at all it happens then there wouldn’t be any breakups. Honesty, Understanding, Trust are more responsible for any relation to continue and without them, it wouldn’t last for years. That’s why long term relationships hardly work.

Long term relationship is a choice… It’s a choice that you either make every day or you don’t, same thing for your partner. Relationship is work. Some days the work is easy, many days the work is hard. Love is about the choices you make on the hard day and the choices your partner makes.

5 Reasons Why Breakups Happen Even After Being Together for Years

5 Reasons Why Breakups Happen in A Long Term Relationship

1. Honesty

If you and your lover both are honest to each other and love is mutual, then the relationship will never break. Not being honest is one of the main reason for relationship failures no matter how long it has last.

2. Possessiveness

Imagine holding water in your palm, when you keep holding it, it remains there calmly, once you start possessing it by closing your palms water flows out from all directions.  Love is never meant to be demanded or possessed. I too personally feel this as a major reason for break up’s.

3. Discrimination

Mostly the person who confesses/proposes love are sometime’s mistreated, they are always taken for granted. when they start realizing this, relationship fails.

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4. Expectations

Even before people fall in relationships they have some pre occupied expectations in mind about their partners, but expectations always doesn’t have to align with reality. When people  start expecting something which their loved one’s cannot afford, they get disappointed and slowly the relationship fails.

5. Lack of emotional intelligence in lovers

This also creates a distance between them. Whenever they feel vulnerable, they hide their feelings. They never see the authentic side to each other. They never see the weak, fragile and vulnerable side to each other. They never talk from their heart. They are so disconnected from their heart that they do not know how each other is feeling. There is no relating in their relationship and that’s when the relationship dies.

And finally, a relationship last for years as long as he/she doesn’t get a chance to cheat and once they find it, they leave one to choose the other. As long as the tension exists, relationships work for years and if it can’t hold it then breakups happen.

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