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Would You Marry a Woman Who Refused to Take Your Surname?

Would You Marry a Woman Who Refused to Take Your Surname?

This message was sent by a man who just proposed to a lady few months ago and about getting married soon. From his story, he has been dating this lady who is a banker for over 6 years. The lady have all she needed to sustain herself and also the family but the only problem she has is not been submissive to her man.

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The story goes this way….

I’ve been dating this lady for over 6 years and about getting married soon. Last week as we were discussing in the room and I called her Mrs (My last name) and suddenly she changed her mood which made me to feel guilty of what I said; on the other hand, I know I’ve said nothing wrong.

After a while when I knew she was no more angry, I asked her the reason why she reacted the was she did when I called her Mrs (my last name) and she told me that she is not ready to answer any man’s surname that she has hers.

She also added that answering my surname would change her credentials and bank details as well which I didn’t see any legit reason there.

My questions now are;

Is this also applicable to other women who are bankers, could it be that she’s not ready for the marriage?

Having been in this relationship for over 6 years and now this problem just surfaced, I think having a second thought would be considered but I am really confused on what to do about this. If you were to be in my shoe, would you still marry this lady?

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This man  really need your advice and so I decided to throw it here for you to give him the best advice/solution to this problem before it could get out of hands.

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