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Are You Having Any Of These Marriage Problems? Look Out For The Simple Solution!

Most couples do face minor marriage problems very often that leads to bigger problems if not resolved. This is the fact though.

a couple in depressed state as a result of their marriage problems

Couples who have the skills and ability to talk calmly about their issues are able to bring back their marriage relationship to its normal happy state.

Those who don’t have the skills and ability of talking through their minor marriage relationship issues realizes that the problem grows worse.

So what are the marriage problems to look out for in a relationship? Below are the four symptoms of 4 unhealthy ways people deal with conflicts in their relationship.

1. Do you ever just give up when you disagree?

Do you feel like getting what you want isn’t worth the fight? That’s yielding. Yielding leads to symptoms like depression and resentment.

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2. Do you bicker, argue or even fight when you disagree?

That’s the ‘fight till you win’ strategy. Fighting leads to ill will and excessive anger. It can develop into controlling behaviors, and verbal or even physical abuse.

Fighting often results in one partner yielding. And, as noted above, yielding can lead to depression.

3. Do you ever delay difficult discussions or avoid touchy topics?

That’s called freezing. When your communication freezes, you build icy walls of stress and tension.

Frozen communication leads to feelings of anxiety and emotional distance. When people have a concern that sits in their head and have no way to talk it through, they feel anxious.

4. Do you find that because you feel unable to address the issues in your relationship you’re tempted to turn your time and energy elsewhere?

That’s called flight.

The flight solution can lead to alienating behaviors like infidelity, addictions like alcohol abuse, or porn, compulsive spending or workaholic tendencies.

What’s the alternative for marriage problems

Fear not. Millions of people live in happy marriages without painful marriage problems. That’s because there is a 5th, and better way!

5. Do you talk things through, respecting each other’s opinions, and make mutually satisfying win-win plans together? That’s what good communication in marriage should look like.

Believe it or not, good communication is a skill. If your parents weren’t a good model for a healthy marriage, you’re probably like millions of other people who just haven’t had someone to teach them techniques for how to communicate in a way that supports happy marriages. The good news is that you can learn those skills now.

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