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How to Make Love to a Woman – Step by Step Guide

When you make love (with an adult human being) selflessly and if done properly it will be the most mind blowing love act you will ever get. If when making love your intention is to satisfy the both parties will come out well endowed, but if everyone is out to get satisfied when the act is over even before you start with one loudly or silently grumbling and the other feeling the weight of selfishness.

If you look after your partner’s enjoyment, you will also end up having a more pleasurable experience. There is no real silver bullet or trick to mind blowing s*x – it is more in the spirit and attitude. Also remember the most erotic part of her body is between her ears and not the stuff between the legs.

Step by Step Guide on How to Make Love With a Woman

How to Make Love to a Woman - Step by Step Guide

Firstly, it’s not for “your pleasure.” Both partners should enjoy themselves and the other. Don’t just make it about yourself.

Secondly, don’t just ‘f**k.’ Let Love take command on both of you. Make her feel comfortable first. Make her believe that she is safe in your arms and she is doing the right thing. Foreplay and after-play are the two most important things one can do to ensure your partner’s trust. Cuddle, enjoy, laugh and ensure she is not getting hurt while making love with you.

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Thirdly, don’t just be silent during the act. She will appreciate it a lot if you put up with naughty talks, talk love and romantic. It will just be an act without love if you stay silent. That’s a big mistake!

Fourthly, try positions which you both enjoy or take turns to make the other enjoy the act. Remember if you want pleasure, first give pleasure.
Lastly, the surroundings arouse the feeling a lot and they describe how you feel about it to her. When you notice you’re about to ejaculate, just pause and play with her so as to last long.

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Making love is a lot like breathing. Smooth and relaxing. Don’t rush. Just take your time and let it happen in a beautiful manner.

Be enthused and listen to your partners’ words and responses. Whatever makes her smile, keep doing that. If it makes her squirm, keep doing that. And if it makes her squirt, definitely keep doing that.
Passion is superior to experience here, and receptivity will teach you what you do not know.

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