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7 Ways to Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive

Building a long distance relationship is really a great challenge to everyone who found themselves in this situation. But  i will assure you that there are some little things you ought to do that will facilitate and strengthen your love and relationship as a whole. You may not be able to do all of them, or may want to adapt, but be artistic and focus on association and ways that to feel connected and to let your partner apprehend that you are really thinking about him/her.

Before you engage in a long distance relationship, you should have a purpose and also put the end in mind so that while you’re into it, you won’t see it as a waste of time.

One major reason long distance relationship fails is because the both partners or one of the partner do not have a purpose or future for the relationship. All they think is just to dance to the tone of each other pretending they love themselves.

Sometimes when there is a little misunderstanding between the partners, they fail to settle their dispute amicably and they just let go all the happy moment they’ve spent because they feel that the distance is already a barrier between them.

long distance relationship

Now, I will be giving you the top 7 ways to keep a long distance relationship alive and after you must have read them, apply them if you are in a love distance relationship and see how you step up your game.

Long distance relationship tips for every lovers

1. Always call and text each other: When you call and text each other at least 3 times daily, it will help to strengthen the love between the both of you. This is the one key point to keep your long distance relationship healthy. When you say you love someone, you should mean it from the depth pf your heart and by so doing, the sky will not only be your limit but your starting point.

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2. Trust each other: Trust is the only thing that is never negotiable in any successful relationship. If I must tell you, a relationship that is not based on trust can never survive in a long distance relationship. When you both trust each other, it will give you the room not to panic about your partner because you both trust each other.

3. Always visit each other: Paying visit to each other and spending some reasonable time with your partner is another way to keep your long distance relationship alive. You should know that there might be a particular time your partner want you. Sometimes your company might change your partner’s mind over other suitors wanting to snatch him/her away from you. You should try as much as possible to visit within the weekend at least once or twice in a month.

4. Eliminate long term misunderstanding: The elimination of long term misunderstanding can really help you when it comes to any kind of relationship because that time you keep your partner mute trying to be the Mr right or Mrs right could affect your relationship. One key point about this is that you shouldn’t go to bed with grudges because your partner annoyed you. You can play the mature role by allowing peace to reign. I know “I’m sorry” is very hard to say when you feel that you’re right but just play the mature role by telling your partner if you know you still love the person.

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5. Know each others schedule:  Knowing the schedule of the both partners will help a long way to build your long distance relationship. When your partner is in the office or else where, you should have a little knowledge about how he/she spends their day. 

6. Send gifts to each other: Gifts are just like magic in any relationship. The gift might not just be only material things but other things that you know your partner really need at that point in time. You must not wait for your partner to request that from you because it’s no more a gift.

7. Flirt with your partner: Now that there are more than thousands of social networks in world, you can flirt with your partner on Skype, BBM, What’s app e.t.c and then make video calls, send romantic messages and more. This will always keep your partner closer as if you were together with each other catching fun.

Now that i have shown you the 7 ways to keep your long distance relationship alive, what do you think about them and do you still have more that you feel you can share with us? Let’s hear from you using the comment box below.


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