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How to Know When Someone Really Loves You!!!

Feeling loved is something that only you will know. People feel and express love in different ways.  If your partner is speaking your love language, showing you love in ways that feel like love to you, then you will know the person really loves you.

The basic characteristic of love is ‘utility-entanglement’. That is, the satisfaction and well being of another person becomes linked/entangled with your own satisfaction. Basically, when they observe you being happy, they become happy. Therefore, by maximizing your happiness, they are maximizing their own happiness. Someone who loves you will therefore do things that show their care for you. They would do things to make you happy; to make you smile; to satisfy you.

Love is a hard thing to keep quiet. If a person loves you then they are dying to tell you, but are afraid of the reaction. Normally, with any secret worth telling, they will drop subtle clues; hoping you pick up on them. Though clues differ between people and could range anywhere from wanting to watch a romantic movie with you to showing you cool songs that just happen to be love songs. Obviously, this doesn’t always prove they are in love with you, they could just be very comfortable with you.

How to know when someone really loves you

5 Ways To Know That Someone Really Loves You

1. They care about you

A combination of actions and words express the way someone feels about us, and it’s worth noticing when a person is particularly warm or compassionate or lovely. If your partner has told you they love you, enjoy. If not, don’t get too hung up on those words. If your partner exhibits many or most of these characteristics, they care deeply for you. And it’s very possible that they love you. Let it unfold.

2. They want to make you happy

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If your partner sometimes puts aside their preferences to yield to what you want or need, this is important. Not every time. Not always. We all need to do this kind of thing for each other. But if your partner says, “I want to do whatever you want,” and means it, they are performing a small act of kindness — and love. It’s hard sometimes to put one’s desires aside and do what your partner wants. But it’s so worth it.

3. The way they look at you

A lot can be said in the eyes. When your partner looks at you, do their eyes look calm and kind and sweet? Maybe a little sparkly? Do you ever catch them looking at you when you’re doing something else? These are all quiet ways of communicating love.

4. The kinds of things they plan to do

There’s nothing wrong with curling up for some movie-watching action, but it’s also worth paying some mind to what kinds of activities your partner plans for the two of you. If they pick special events that you would particularly enjoy, that means they’re listening and they want to make you happy.

5. They trust you

The person that really loves you will always trust you and you trust them too. Trust is vital. For any real, lasting partnership to be forged, trust has to be utmost in the equation. If you travel and don’t worry about what they’re up to in your absence, and the same is true for them, this is a good sign of true love.

These are just the few things that came to my mind now.

I think to love means to be able to go out of your way to make other person happy. Sometimes it freaking hard but it worth it!


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