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How Can I know The Right Person to Marry?

How can I know the right person to marry is a common question everyone ask before going into the marriage life. Being compatible with each other is the ability of someone to accept you as you are, create an unrealistic set of expectation and fulfills each others heart desire.

Sometimes, with the way things are going in our relationship can send a message to us that we are compatible for marriage or not, but it only takes a matured mind to find the difference in a relationship.

Nowadays, most relationships fails because they’re based on interest and selfishness. A relationship which is based on interest and selfishness fails quickly because when your expectation becomes limited or not coming forth as it used to be, then the only option left is to breakup.


Getting into marriage with someone because he/she is beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, sexy, rich and some other physical criteria that attracts you is never the best way to know if he/she is the right person to marry. This kind of marriage can be termed marriage with self interest because you were attracted by what you saw which sometimes might not last forever.

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When those things are no more, you start having problems in your marriage and so have no option than to start looking outside your marriage or might divorce as the case might be. Here I want to share with you the 5 important things to know if you are with the right person to marry.

5 Important Issues of Marriage Compatibility You Must Know Before Saying “I Do”

1.Common Values: As a couple who is getting ready for marriage or already in a relationship with some, you should always cherish and value each other because when there is value in a relationship, respect accompanies it as well. When you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t value you, your opinion and also take you for granted, you should know that the both of you are not compatible with each other.

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2. Social Interest: When it comes to social interest, it is very important to check if you’re compatible with your partner in his/her way of life. Sometimes, our social life affects our relationship because it’s a way of life we’re already adapted to.

For instance, a girl that doesn’t like a guy that takes alcohol, smoke or club. When you’re in a relationship with such guy, you can try your best in letting him know that you don’t like such way of life and if you refuses to stop or the character always causes problems between the both of you, you should know that you are not compatible for marriage. But if you love him and you feel you’re okay with him, you must learn to accept that behavior forever and no need to complain about that anymore.

3. Intellectual Dialogue: This is how the both of you discuss things with each other, having the same direction of reasoning, settle dispute, understanding and showing your maturity when matters arises. If you lack understanding and always having a long term argument, you will always have problems in you marriage. A relationship with intellectual dialogue sometimes disagree to agree but with limited time.

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4. Spiritual Unity: Are you spiritually compatible with your partner? I know when I asked this question, the first thing that came into your mind was what am I talking about?  Well, this is something you should know before going into marriage with your partner.

Now if I may ask you, how do you know if you’re spiritually compatible with your partner?

Well, the answer is that when you’re spiritually united with your partner, you see things going smoothly between the both of you, you love the person without reason and also the both of you seems to do things in the same direction with good understanding. You don’t really need a prophet to tell you this because it will always reveal itself.

5. Emotional Control: True love goes with emotion and emotion is how you feel about a person. In this case, it’s always good to learn how you control your emotion mostly when it comes to been jealous or vulnerable to other people. Don’t be controlled by your emotion but instead be in-charge of it so that you won’t find yourself doing what you’re not supposed to do.

So having read this, do you have any other ways of knowing the right person to marry or have you any question troubling you that you wish to share with us? Kindly use the comment box below to express yourself.




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