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Simple Tips On How To Have A Healthy Relationship For Couples

Nowadays, most relationships fails because the folks involved lack the basic knowledge on how to develop a healthy relationship among themselves. Sometimes when we get into a new relationship, we feel that we’ve had the whole world because we just got out of one that that wasn’t working out or unsuccessful. But before we get into dating another person, we fail to know the detailed information of the next person we intend to have a date with.

Before I proceed to the main topic, I’ll like you to know the meaning of dating.

What is the meaning of dating?

Dating is an appointment between a man and a woman who agree to spend a period of time together for the purpose of knowing each other better or getting acquainted to each other.

Having a healthy relationship sometimes depends on how we started our dating life with our partner. During dating, there are two major stages which I’ll mention below and also throw light on them.

healthy relationship

The two stages of dating in a relationship

  1.   Casual Dating: Casual dating is simply a relationship between two symphony devotees who accept to attend performance and functions together. Sometimes, casual dating may or may not involve romantic overtone depending on the folks involved in it.Casual dating is a foundation of a healthy relationship between a couple who intend to spend the rest of their lives together. In casual dating, if there is no romantic interest developed after a period of time, the folks usually consider themselves as best friends but if there is romantic interest, you can proceed into committed dating where you’ll value your friendship.

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2.  Committed Dating: Committed dating is more serious than casual dating in all areas. In committed dating, there is always a strong bond and romantic feelings  between the couple.In committed dating, the couple are always jealous, interested in each others activities and also share deep thoughts and secrets among themselves. Also in committed dating, if one of the partner is found cheating on the other, the one who was betrayed will feel great pain, disappointed and will not hesitate to express his/her pain to the other partner which sometimes might lead to the breakup of the relationship.

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To round it up, the secret of a healthy relationship is to focus on getting to know each other first, and it always start from casual dating before getting into committed dating with a person.

The main reason our relationships fails is that, in the early stage of dating, we make a good impression which is not the attitude that leads to a healthy relationship. Everyone of us has a unique history in life and if we are to share this among each other, it will create a room for understanding each others way of life which will always help to bring out the happiness in the relationship.

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