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The Difference Between Falling in Love and a Crush

There’s a fine line between love and hate, and there’s a fine line between a crush and love. They all blur together.

Love is when you’ve known each other for a long time and you’ve tried very, very hard to stop thinking about the person, because maybe he/she has disappointed you somehow, gone with someone else or whatever. But still, you simply can’t manage to cut the person out of your thoughts. I think that’s when you begin to know it may be that you’re in love with the person.

You can’t possibly imagine cutting that person out of your life, because it would be like cutting away parts of yourself, and in any case it’s impossible because there is no one who knows you like he/she does, and in any case, he/she walks through your dreams and talks to you, almost every night. You know it isn’t real, what happens in your dreams, but he/she is in them again and again.

difference between falling in love and a crush

And when you two were together, you have had great times. You have a great time just talking with each other and you can be silent together, too. And you have also been together through bad times, and you have argued. So you know that it could be real and maybe it could be lasting. That’s love, when you find it later in life at least.

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Having a crush is admiration. It comes when you admire something in someone such as appearance, talent, personality, etc. But love is such a big word, being in love means you love and can accept everything about a person especially the darkest/ugliest/most unacceptable characters or things in someone’s life.

The Major Difference Between Love and a Crush

  • Being in love is based in reality.

Being in love comes from shared experience. It comes from actually knowing the person and having a relationship with them. I think on some level that to be in love your feelings have to be reciprocated. I don’t think you can be in love with someone who doesn’t, or has never, loved you.

  • Crushes are based in fantasy.

I think what makes a crush a crush is the inability to act your feelings. I don’t have crushes on girls I date, but I do have crushes on girls in my school. I also think that the fantasizing about being with the person is part of the crush. You might not have any shared experiences with the person you have a crush on.  Because you don’t know the person that well you tend to give them attributes that might not have. We tend to deify our crushes, which is unfair to both them and us.

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The main difference between love and crush is really simple. A crush can be you just physically attracted to someone but have no idea who they really are so you just fantasize about what it would be like to be with them. So your fantasies would have no basis in reality so it’s all in your head.

Love requires both participants to interact in such a way that you’re able to get to know not just all the great things about somebody but also their flaws and you still have strong emotions for your significant other.

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