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6 Ways of Building Trust in a Relationship

Building trust in a relationship could be so difficult because it only takes a strong heart to trust someone after you must have been betrayed by the person you once trusted. A relationship with trust can be very exciting and makes life worth living for the both parties.

Trust is a manifests itself as a characteristic of your relationship, and it is in fact above all representative for you as a person. So if you want to bring trust to your relationship, you need to forget about your lover and any other person in general in order to be able to question yourself. It’s not about them, it’s about you.

If you focus on becoming a better individual, the consequences of your self-development will transpire through everything you do, including your relationship. We need to take our time and head towards the best version of ourselves because trust is not something that can be guaranteed.

You might say You can trust me as many times as you want. That won’t be effective, because trust cannot be spoken but can only be felt.

In any relationship, trust can only be earned – slowly and piously. There is no shortcut for you to make someone to trust you.

ways of building trust in a relationship

6 Ways to Build up the Level Of Trust in Your Relationship

 1. Be honest: Being honest and clear headed in your words and actions is a great way to build up your level of trust in a relationship. In a situation where there is no honesty in a relationship, the both parties seems not to trust each other because they knows that the relationship is just filled with lies and dishonesty.

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2. Try not to hurt your lover in anyway: Nothing hurts you than when the person you seems to love do things that hurt your feelings. In a relationship where there is no happiness, it’s better you quite and let go than you having yourself been hurt by your partner.

3. Stick to your word: Let your yes be yes and no be no and this will help a long way to build the level of trust in your relationship. Never make empty promises because you’re trying to please your partner. Making promises without fulfilling it will makes your partner loose trust on you.

4. Don’t force your choices on your partner: You’re in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean the person doesn’t have the right to freedom of movement or the freedom to make his/her choice. Being that person with high level of understanding can make you take charge of your relationship. There are better ways to make your partner do what you want but you mustn’t mandate them to do so.

5. Love and cherish your partner: Love is the only thing that can easily make you earn high level of trust from your partner. In a relationship where there is no love, probably there won’t be trust because love is the bond between the two parties in a relationship.

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6. Appreciate your partner: Showing appreciation to your partner will make him/her act more. Appreciate your partner and let him/her know honestly what you feel about them. And trust him/her first! Then be patient with him/her then he/she will eventually trust you back.

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