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Top 10 Best Romantic Relationship Tips for Couples

Through a broken marriage and couple of dating relationships, I have realized one thing – no one is bad. Yes, no one.

We cannot even keep ourselves happy all the time! So, we are not bad, we just act against our best nature at times due to conditioning or whatever.

Every person is as normal as you are. So, whoever it is that you are in relationship with is also, at core, a person who wants the best for you and believes in keeping you happy. Yes, don’t dismiss it so soon. I am getting somewhere, so just have patience. She might start appearing to be aloof or bitchy or aggressive or whatever – but if given a chance, I am 100% positive that she would want you to be very very happy.

So, why does all these stupid fights and misunderstandings start? I have seen them ruining a lot of relationships. They happen because we are not in touch with our feelings and we are very bad at communicating (so is the other person). Here are Top 10 Best Romantic Relationship Tips for Couples you should know.

Top 10 Best Romantic Relationship Tips for Couples

Top 10 Best Romantic Relationship Tips for Couples

1. Date Them Like They’re New to You

In the beginning of a relationship, you are on your best behavior and put in a lot of effort.  Then you feel like you’ve won them and you stop trying as hard,
If you date them like they’re new to you at all stages of the relationship, it not only makes them feel more appreciated, it also makes you more attracted to them.

2. Submit To Your Partner

Now this is a game that’s easy to play and hard to master.  In our faith, we call it “mutual submission”.  See, I submit to my wife and she submits to me.  Sounds strange, I know, but hear me out.  Instead of fighting over the remote or debating who has to make dinner, we act in the best interest of the other.  This is what I affectionately refer to as “masterless servitude”.  In our relationship, nobody is the master.  Each of us does his or her own submission not because we are being made to submit by the other but because we love each other.

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3. Forget and Forgive:

Forget things and forgive each other. As we did with our siblings no matter how big fight was but it will over in max 2 hours and we be best buddies as we were, fight but makeup with each other by a smile,good food,texting sorry,smiley,chocolate. Don’t stretch fights it will curse your relation, so avoid dragging things fight and solve it if not get solved then get a solution or find a meddle way.Don’t make any grudges: Don’t bring grudges in between each other. Put Past in Past and Future in Future live in Present.

3. Plan for Surprise Dates:

You have to plan some surprise dates for yourselves, like favorite home made food with candle light,dinner at a fancy restaurant,dinner at garden area whatever you want but do some effort and do it because you love to do.

4.Never Bring Third Person Inbetween:

Don’t bring third person in between your relation,there are some secrets which belongs to you two don’t discuss that with someone outside you two. have some privacy in your relationship.

5. Be a Listener:

Try to listen and observe your better half, What he/she tries to tell you. Listen about their dreams, plans, feelings towards other. Don’t be judgmental try to understand why they feel in this way.

6. Give Some Space To Each Other:

Give some space to each other. Let her have some shopping with her besties and let him have fun with his friends. Maintain and respect each others privacy and personal space.

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7. Give gifts.

Take advantages of opportunities to give material tokens of your love. Just the right book picked up at the bookstore, a special dessert, a piece of jewelry or clothing you noticed at the store – anything small or large that tells them you were thinking of them. Leave a love note for them, or send them an SMS at work to “I love you” – again, the little reminder that they’re always on your mind will help your partner feel better about themselves and secure in your relationship.

8. Support Each Other Always.

For girls,support your Men in accomplishing his dreams. Men are emotionally weak,  so whenever you find them down , motivate them and appreciate them to be good and encourage them to stand up again. Trust me it works. Your belief in him will let him conquer the entire universe.

9. Don’t Stop Conversation For Too Long

You know every relationship has differences. You may have fought over some things but if your relationship is more important then don’t always wait for your partner to come to you and make things correct. You too can choose the path. It is not only your partner into a relationship, you too are responsible. Calm down your ego and always aim to be first one to convince. This shows how much you love the one irrespective of differences.Never ever create vacuum.

10. Tell Your Partner You Love Them.

Although it’s true that actions speak louder than words, words often speak more clearly than actions. Take a moment every now and then to verbalize your feelings for your partner. A simple “I love you” or “You mean the world to me” can go a long way towards making your significant other feel wanted, cared for, and secure in your relationship.

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