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The Best Advice For People Who Are Going Through Divorce


What Is Divorce
Divorce is a judicial declaration dissolving a marriage in whole or in part, especially one that releases the marriage partners from all matrimonial obligations.
any formal separation of husband and wife according to established custom.

As far as qualifications for advice, I haven’t been divorced but I know people who have been and have had what I would call a successful divorce for them.

If you are going through a divorce problem, then I think the best way to handle it to follow the below tips.

1. If there are children involved you must ask yourself constantly Is this action going to have a positive impact on my children. I am not talking the divorce itself but the actions taken during and after the divorce. If the answer is NO then DO NOT TAKE THAT ACTION. No matter how bad you want to DON”T DO IT. The kids need to come first always

2. Remember that the opposite of Love IS NOT Hate. You may no longer Love this person or you may have love for the person but no longer be in love with them, but this does not mean you have to hate them. There had to have been some good times and some positive things. People change, they grow. Do not be vindictive.

3. Get a lawyer and listen to the lawyer but don’t let the lawyer change who you are. You know the situation better then they do.

4. Don’t listen to people who went through a vindictive divorce. You want to make the divorce as easy as possible. You want to move on with your life.

5. Do not start dating during the procedures. Take time to heal emotionally and mentally. If you jump right into a relationship it has a very high chance of failing and it will be your fault (regardless of what they other person says). Why? Because you are going to bring the stress and mistrust and anger into the next relationship if you have not had a chance to recoup. Go to therapy if that will help. But take time. If you have kids this is even more important. Do not initially share your time between them and another person. They also need time to adjust.

6. Breathe

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