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Another Woman is in Love With My Husband – How Do I Solve This?

Hello, members of the House, a woman who has married for over six years wants your suggestion on how she could solve a problem related to her marriage so that she could be happy once again. Below is her story as she sent it for you to give her a professional advice.

Hi, admin, while I was searching for a solution on how to solve my marriage problem, I came across your site which gave me an opportunity to “Submit a Problem” and I did so as to get your advice and other readers own too.

Another Woman is in Love With My Husband

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I’ve been married to my husband for over six years with two kids who are females. I’m a banker who usually goes to work on daily bases except for Saturdays and Sundays.

A few months back, my husband told me about a lady she helped with a lift while going to his office and the lady also works almost in the same city with him. During their conversation, they both exchanged contacts and even introduced the lady to me as a coworker who made me not to have any negative thought about them.

I’ve always trusted my husband because I know him not to be such man who goes about finding women even while we were in courtship.

One Friday afternoon while I have been severely sick and was permitted by my manager to go home because I wasn’t fit to complete the job of the day. On reaching home, I found this lady my husband has been telling me about on my bed with my wrapper on her. I looked around to find my husband in the bathroom having his shower.

I apprehended the lady, and she told me she just came to see my husband and nothing more. But having my wrapper with her in my bedroom is a sign that something extraordinary must have happened. I reacted and chased her out of the house and told my husband that I’m leaving his house and never to come back.

While I took this decision, I later thought about how it could affect my kids and my work, but still not satisfy with having my husband cheating on me.

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Having heard this story so far, what do you suggest she could do and how do you help this woman to resolve this problem? Your opinion would help her achieve her success in marriage.

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