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Thank you for your interest in advertising your business with us.

Here at LoversTips, we accept Ads of any kind of business provided it does not violate the law of the country. To place ads on LoversTips, the primary step is to urge your ad banner designed by a good graphic designer.

Your ads banner should be borderless, 30kb to 60kb in size, and should be on PNG or JPG format.

The cost of Ads depends on the size and position you want it to be. The positions available for ads placement are header, sidebar, footer, inside and below posts.

Header ads ==>   $60.00  for 30 days.

Sidebar ads ==> $50.00  for 30 days.

Footer ads ==> $45.00  for 30 days.

Inside post ads ==>  $45.00  for 30 days.

Once your ads are prepared, send an email to the contact below to submit your request and a respond will be sent to you on how to make your payment.

Email Address:  contactnosa@gmail.com

Why Advertise On LoversTips

LoversTips is a relationship blog with over a million monthly visitors around the world which gives you the opportunity to advertise your business. LoversTips has attained a  high rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo e.t.c search engines which made it to stand out among it’s competitors around the globe.

Here at LoversTips, we also write a review for your products or services after which we create awareness for people to get familiar with your products or services. Our ads methods will help you keep track of the total hits to your ads and we’ll send the result to you as soon as 30 day elapsed.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Best Regards,
Marshal Nosa