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6 Statement Ladies Should Not Utter In A Relationship

6 statements ladies should not utter

We men love women.We love to hug them, we love to care for them, and we love to make them feel beautiful. However, there are some things that women do that sometimes make us want to connect their heads with a nice brick at high speeds. The below is a list I compiled when I was bored. About some of the most annoying statement women can say to men. Enjoy the read

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1. You’re not my type. A guy spends a lot of time to check you out and finally finds time to approach you for wooing, only to suddenly be lectured about compatibility. Okay, there is nothing wrong in just saying, I’m not interested, I have a boyfriend already, i’m born again . . .etc.

Must you insult his intelligence by implying that he does not know how to choose people he woos?The worst part is, most girls even say this to guys they like! Why? When you say this to a guy, he and his friends will make fun of you for hours . . . Just stop as you are reading this.

2. Your mother . . . .(insults).
What ever you do in your life, insulting a man’s mother will be one of the worst choices you can ever make. We respect our mothers and love them a lot. This does not make us immature or silly as some would opine. It is simply a case of not being an ungrateful bastard.

Even if a guy has his mother under gun point and it seems like he is going to shoot her, don’t insult her. Or he might shoot you instead. Why? Because she totally took care of us before we were tall, dark,handsome, rich, pinklipped, smart and before you came into the picture. Just stop as you are reading this.

3. Your mates are out there.
Ahhh . . . . the above is a very bad way to begin a sentence. Especially when talking to a guy. You simply do not compare a man to other men. That’s really annoying. In other words, he is a slow poke, he is not up to the societal standards, right? No MAN will ever take that poo from you.

There are other ways to make a man to do whatever you want. Insulting his self worth by comparing him to his mates is very dangerously annoying. By the way, what about you? Your mates are out there dating Iyanya and you are here straffing his broke ass. Gbam! Just stop as you are reading this.

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4. you are like a brother to me
A.K.A, the declaration of Friend zone. Well, it’s not a good statement. Especially if he really has behaved like a brother to you. I mean, isn’t it obvious? Who does that if not for the . . . prize? Actually, this is more of a dilemma.

It’s obvious you can’t fall in love with all of your male friends. So, if one of them asked, it’s kind of natural to tell them the above, hoping that will make them happy. . .well, IT DOESN’T! it is a lot better to just say the truth. That you have no feelings for them. But Wetin? Like a broth . . . are you kidding me? Just stop as you are reading this

5. How do I look?
First off, we are not fashion designers. Second, you have your own eyes, and a mirror. Third, no matter what we say, you are going to wear whatever you like. The third is why it is really annoying.

I mean for crying out loud, jusy ten minutes before the outing, she asks if this blue dress looks good on her, you nod enthusiastically, only for her to go in and bring ANOTHER! While asking the same question! Wtf?! Just stop as you are reading this.

6. Nothing.
You look worried or angry and sad. Out of the love he has for you, he asks what the matter is. You say nothing. Yes, saying nothing is very annoying to guys. First, we know that is a blatant lie. Second, we know that if we pretend to believe you, you will get annoyed.

Third, we know that if we let you know that you just told a blatant lie, you will get annoyed. Fourth, we know that if we try to guess, you will get annoyed. Now, tell me, who would not get angry with this knowledge?

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