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50 Relationship Questions To Ask Your Lover

When we find ourselves in a new relationship, it can be too exciting that we forget that there are some important relationship questions to ask our lovers in order for we to know them better. Sometimes, you might feel that it’s not really necessary to ask these questions but I must assure you that these questions could help to promote the growth of your relationship.

In a relationship, there are so many questions you should ask your lover so as to know him or her better and what he or she likes and dislikes as well. Asking your lover these relationship questions will make you determine the future of that relationship with him/her.

50 Important Relationship Questions You Should Ask Your Lover

1. What do you like about me?

2. What do you like about the opposite sex?Relationship Questions

3. Do you believe in love?

4. What is it about me that you hate most?

5. Can you trust me even when I’m far from you?

6. What led to the breakup in your last relationship?

7. What would you look for in a life partner?

8. What’s your favorite dish and color?

9. What’s your strength and weakness?

10. How would you rate my relationship with you?

11. Are you a jealous lover or possessive by nature?

12. What moment in your past would you most like to forget?

13. When did you have your first kiss?

14. When did you have your first kiss?

15. How many people have you dated and slept with?

16. How long do you see our relationship lasting?

17. What thoughts make you unhappy?

18. What was your first impression of me?

19. Which of your parent do yo like most?

20.  Do you ever dream about me?

21. Do you believe me when I say I love you?

22. What is your favorite sex position?

23. What was the very first thing you thought about me after our first conversation?

24. Have you ever questioned the existence of love?

25. What is your favorite song?

26. Do you believe in God or are you religious?

27. Do you feel as though you could tell me anything?

28. How important is physical attraction to you?

29. Are you proud to have me as your lover?

30. Would you like to have me as your life partner?

31. How will you feel if you should see me with another person you don’t know?

32. When was the last time you made love?

33. What question about me bothering you that you would like to ask me?

34. What’s the accomplishment you are most proud of?

35. Which of your friends do you like most?

36. What do you think about couples who are married but live in a different place?

37. Have you ever cheated in a relationship and Why?

38.  What would you like to change about me?

39. How do you react during a conflict between you and people around you?

40. Have you ever loved anyone more than you love me?

41. Who was your first crush?

42. What is your most unique trait?

43. What is the best thing about my relationship with you?

44. What things about me make you know I’m the one for you?

45. What are your goals in life?

46. What are your passions?

47. What’s do you love to do at your leisure time?

48. What are your friends like?

49. Do material thing attract you?

50. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

These are the relationship questions you should ask your partner and while doing that, it’s always advisable you ask the questions during meal or when you’re alone with him/her. This will make you know each other better and would prevent making mistakes.

I hope you find this topic interesting? In my next to, I’ll be writing on how to improve your self esteem.

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