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Must Read: How To Feel Closer To Your Boyfriend

how to feel closer to your boyfriend

Closeness is what we all want from our boyfriends, but in an age when both partners have full-time careers and private time is at a premium, that closeness can be hard to achieve with great frequency. The problem is that a lack of intimacy between you and your boyfriend can …

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Must Read: 8 Little Habits That Bring Couples Together

8 little habits that bring couples together

Contrary to popular belief, a blissfully happy relationship isn’t a well-guarded secret. In fact, just practicing these 8 habits can make love bloom! The secret to a happy relationship isn’t intense passion or great sex or financial stability. In fact, it’s a little simpler than that. The secret is forming …

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10 Amazing Inspirational Quotes About True Love!!!

10 amazing inspirational quotes about love

True love is one of the most powerful emotions on earth, if not the most powerful. Love can conquer all, and it is the key to not only building relationships, but also to peace and harmony all around the world. Sometimes, though, we get so bogged down with the day-to-day …

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Must Read: Myths That People Believe About Long Distance Relationship

10 myths people believe about long distance relationship

The subject of long-distance relationships is often dealt with in negative and dismissive terms. But is it possible for them to actually thrive? When talking about long-distance relationships, don’t expect the doom mongers to have anything supportive or positive to say on the subject. There is a common consensus of …

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Must Read: 6 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself Before Falling In Love

6 reasons why you should love yourself before falling in love

For most of us, love is an exciting torrent of emotions. But for the one who doesn’t know how to be loved, it’s even more overwhelming. Falling in love is perhaps the most beautiful and chaotic experience one can have all at once. It is that exhilarating rush one gets …

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Must Read: 7 Reasons Why Empathy Is Important In A Relationship

7 reasons why empathy is important in a relationship

Empathy is one of the most important abilities that help people understand each other. So why is it even more important in your relationship? It is not uncommon to disagree with another person’s views. Be it politics, religion, or something as silly as whether you should be using paper or …

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Must Read: 8 Reasons Why Social Media Is Killing Your Relationship

Why social media is killing your relationship

Are you addicted to Facebook, or have a chronic over-sharing problem? These seemingly innocent habits could have drastic effects on your relationship! Social media is great for a number of things: staying in touch with friends and family, sharing photos and videos, and keeping abreast of the goings on of …

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Must Read: How To Spice Up Your Marriage After Having A Baby

How to spice up your marriage after having a baby

While having a child is the most wonderful and meaningful event in one’s life, predictably, it changes your relationship in profound ways. There is no longer just the two of you, you are now responsible for another life, and the attention and care are no longer just with you and …

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Must Read: 10 Traits That Can Intimidate A Guy

10 traits that can intimidate a guy

Have you ever had the feeling that men seem to be a bit wary of approaching you? Well, that could be because you are giving out the wrong signals. It is true that men do find successful and confident women attractive, but if you overdo the power image, you might …

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