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How Can I know The Right Person to Marry?

marrying the right person

How can I know the right person to marry is a common question everyone ask before going into the marriage life. Being compatible with each other is the ability of someone to accept you as you are, create an unrealistic set of expectation and fulfills each others heart desire. Sometimes, with …

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Tips On How to Have A Successful Marriage Life

tips on building a successful marriage

Everyday, we see a lots of couples getting married here and there. But if I may ask, how many of them are happily married or having a successful marriage after saying “I do”? Sometimes last week while I was discussing with two folks that just got married 3 years ago …

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7 Ways to Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive

long distance relationship

Building a long distance relationship is really a great challenge to everyone who found themselves in this situation. But  i will assure you that there are some little things you ought to do that will facilitate and strengthen your love and relationship as a whole. You may not be able …

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