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10 Ingredients to Stew up Your Relationship for Mature Ladies

Every girls heart wish is to be his number one woman. If you can be able to show any of these specific actions about to be revealed below you would definitely prompt any Man to profess his undying Love for you, in other words, makes you an eligible girlfriend material. Here are the 10 Ingredients to Stew up Your Relationship.

1. BE COOL WITH HIS FRIENDS: Hang around his friends and you are gold. It puts a guy at ease when he is around you and his friends at the same time without feeling like you are miserable also strike a balance when you should do this and when not to.

2. BE ENTHUSIASTIC: A woman who is supportive without being annoying is a keeper,Don’t act all boss like a coach instead act the role of cheerleader.

10 ingredients to stew up your relationship for mature ladies

3. FLIRT WITH FINESSE: When you are out, say things that are secretly flirt so that only him know. It helps keep up the magnetism between the both of you.

4. PLAN A HOT DATE: He doesn’t have to be the one saying “Lets go here” or “we doing this tonight”. It get very boring.

5. SHOW OFF YOUR GOODIES: Try dressing attractive and appealing,Rock that leggings and nice shoes regularly and you’ll have his attention.

6. TREAT HIM ON THE SLY: When you do something for a guy without drawing attention to it, you make him feel extra special. Like, if you notice he needs a pair of socks and you pick one up without even telling him.

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7. LITTLE THINGS MATTER: He wants to know you will listen to him no matter how small the issue is. He wants you to call him and make sure he has had something to eat. Don’t forget a lot of men care about their families once in a while. Find out how they are doing and if he’s in touch with them.

8. WHIP UP A KILLER MEAL: Make him his favorite meal; something healthy and nourishing. It’s not about cooking; it’s about doing something for him when he is busy.

9. TAKE A STAND: Men respect any woman more when she won’t take all their crap. If you don’t like something tell him but be nice and calm when you talk to him about it. Screaming on top of your voice won’t get the message across but will only make him upset.

10. GO EASY ON THE FACE PAINT: If you wear too much make-up,he certainly would wonder why. He wants to date a girl not a make-up company.

These are thing that should be done of the right guy, a guy who brings the best out from you, not someone who does not care for you.

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